Your Guide to Healthy Eating providence careYou are what you eat – that old adage we all know so well – still rings true today. From battling insomnia to boosting brain power, nutritious meals do a lot of work behind the scenes to keep us healthy and happy around the clock, but with so many diets to choose from, which brand of healthy eating is right for you? To help you find your perfect fit, here is a rundown of today’s top seven food trends:


  1. Mediterranean Diet

Heavy on filling whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats, the Mediterranean diet is a favorite with nutritionists everywhere. To get its main benefits, like weight loss, cancer prevention and better brain health, stock your fridge with leafy greens, unrefined carbohydrates, fish, chicken, beans and legumes.


  1. Asian Diet

While salt-laden soy sauce and refined white rice are just as bad as some of the usual suspects found in Western diets, a modified version of traditional Asian recipes – think fresh salmon with brown rice, lettuce wraps and steamed vegetables – is a home run for a healthier you.


  1. TLC Diet

The brainchild of the National Institutes of Health, the TLC diet is aimed at reducing bad cholesterol and decreasing the risk of heart-disease with low-fat meals. To try it, cut back on fatty red meat, full-fat dairy and fried treats while eating more whole grains, soluble fiber, skinless poultry and vegetables.


  1. Volumetrics

Unlike other diets that focus on quality over quantity, Volumetrics is all about eating more. The key is to pick foods that are high in volume but low in calories, like vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy, seeds and whole grains.


  1. Weight Watchers

If you need a diet with a little more structure or are struggling to lose weight, joining the vibrant Weight Watchers community may be your best bet. Based on a smart point system that rewards good eating habits and discourages bad ones, Weight Watchers makes it easy to make better choices from breakfast to late-night snacks.


  1. DASH Diet

Endorsed by the experts at the Department of Health and Human Services, the DASH diet is designed to fight hypertension with plenty of fresh produce, fruits, vegetables and healthy proteins.


  1. Mayo Clinic Diet

Developed by the world-famous Mayo Clinic, this program is more of a permanent lifestyle plan than a diet. The overall goal is to transform the way you eat by gradually replacing bad foods with more nutritious alternatives, giving yourself plenty of time to adjust so you never feel overwhelmed or deprived by the changes.


Whichever diet you choose, remember that moderation is the secret to success. Learning to decipher hunger pains and paying close attention to how your body responds to different foods will clue you in on the best diet for you.