Why Hobbies Are Good For Your Health Providence CareAccording to Concordia University in Montreal, taking up hobbies can help boost your mental health and fend off dementia. No matter which hobby you pick up, whether it’s reading or socializing, it can make you feel younger and happier as you age. Even better, hobbies improve your overall well-being and benefit your mind and body in many ways. The San Francisco area has so many opportunities for new activities so whether you’d like to be indoors or outside, you’re sure to find something you enjoy!


10 Benefits of Having a Hobby


Greater flexibility: Hobbies like yoga and swimming stretch your muscles and promote greater mobility.


Better sleep: Walking, biking and other hobbies that keep you active help you to get a better night’s sleep.


Improved memory: Hobbies like chess or word searches are known to challenge your brain and enhance your thinking skills.


Reduced stress: Gardening and playing musical instruments help ease your stress and make you a happier person.


More self-esteem: Some hobbies, such as playing a board game with a friend, create socializing opportunities and boost your self-esteem.


Stronger immune system: Physical hobbies like golfing and riding a bike enhance your immune system and help to control illnesses such as heart disease.


Combats depression: Enjoy a creative hobby like sculpting or painting to keep you busy, engaged, happy and less prone to depression.


Elevated mood: With a hobby like photography, you’ll get out of the house, discover new things and feel excited to take on the day.


Manages arthritis: Hobbies that keep your joints moving, such as playing the piano and physical exercise can help to manage your arthritis symptoms and reduce your pain.


Controls weight: Staying active not only maintains a healthy immune system but also controls your weight. Whether it’s walking or swimming, you can burn extra calories and manage your weight.


Hobbies offer you a way to have fun and improve your physical and mental health. You can take up new hobbies at anytime and dedicate specific days of the week to a new activity. Improve your flexibility with yoga on Monday, and boost your problem-solving skills with crossword puzzles on Wednesday. With all of your new hobbies, you’ll feel great every day, sleep better each night and increase your quality of life during your golden years.