When Should I Get Help for my Aging Parents?It’s challenging to watch our parents age but getting health care at home is a great option when they want to stay put. No matter how much you can do to help, it’s tough when they start to lose the ability to take care of themselves.

There are so many issues they may be struggling with that include limited mobility, memory problems, medical conditions and the inability to drive. Although living at home alone may no longer seem feasible, many older people just don’t want to leave their home. Fortunately, there are a host of in-home care providers who can assist your parents with everything from daily hygiene to medical monitoring. Here are some questions to ask before considering in-home help.

How Much Support is Available?

The first question you want to know is how much help will be needed? If your parents, for example, can no longer drive but are otherwise okay, in-home care can provide transportation services when loved ones are unavailable. In-home care agencies can also help with home maintenance, cooking, house cleaning, doing laundry and other chores if your parents can’t perform these tasks themselves. In many cases, the ongoing assistance of loved ones together with some help from an in-home care professional is enough to keep things running smoothly.

Is Self-Care a Problem?

Can your parents still perform basic self-care activities such as bathing, dressing and grooming? If not, it’s time to get some help. Home care professionals can visit as often as needed to help your parents stay clean, comfortable and presentable.

Do Your Parents Need Ongoing Medical Care?

No matter how much help and support the elderly receive from friends and loved ones, they may need regular medical attention that can only be administered by a professional. Home health care services can provide home visits from medical practitioners such as nurses who can draw blood, take vitals, dispense medication and insert catheters, thereby providing your parents with ongoing medical attention that doesn’t require them to leave the house.

Are Your Parents Isolated?

Do you have just one parent living alone? If so, loneliness and isolation can quickly become a problem. If your parent wants to continue to live at home but feels isolated, in-home care can provide social visits or take seniors on outings that help them to feel connected.

If it’s time to find help for your aging parents, getting health care at home is a great option. Being cared for at home can mean remaining in the comfort and security of a familiar place.