Summer Activities For Seniors PCEveryone loves warm summer weather, and for seniors, it’s a great time to enjoy the outdoors and have some fun in the sun. While many people head for the beach, seniors enjoy participating in a wide variety of summer attractions. Here are the top 12 summer activities for seniors.


* Golf: Many seniors enjoy playing golf in the summer. Different golf courses are available for all ages and skill levels. Golf provides great exercise, friendly competition and beautiful surroundings.


* Field Trips: Most medium to large size cities have a number of interesting local landmarks, museums and other attractions. Many of the sponsoring organizations offer steep senior discounts, and visitor hours are extended during the summer.


* Swimming and Water Aerobics: Low-impact activities like swimming and water aerobics are a great way for seniors to stay active and engage in social interaction. Your local parks and recreation department can provide information about locations, classes and hours.


* Attend a Sporting Event: Some cities have a professional team, but youth sports provide great family fun with teams and leagues in nearly every town in America.


* Try Mall Walking: Malls typically open early to accommodate their regular walkers. Staying indoors can be helpful for elderly people with respiratory or heart conditions. However, some seniors prefer to take a stroll midday when the mall is bustling with activity.


* Join a Local Senior Center: Indoor centers have a variety of classes geared specifically toward seniors. The classes accommodate different levels of activity and intensity, and some are specifically designed for those who are physically challenged.


* Fishing: Seniors who have access to a stocked pond or lake can relax and drop a line in the water. Fishing helps promote a sense of calm and can help lower your blood pressure and heart rate.


* Take in a Movie or Play: Movies theaters are comfortably air conditioned, and seniors usually enjoy discounts on tickets. For those who prefer watching live actors, theater productions are usually in full swing during the summer.


* Share a Skill or Talent: Summer is a great time to volunteer and share a skill or talent with someone else. Youth summer camps are always looking for volunteers willing to help mold impressionable minds.


*Attend or Participate in a Craft Show: Summer weather is the prime season for neighborhood arts and crafts fairs. Whether you participate or simply attend, it’s fun to look at all the beautifully handcrafted items on display.


* Plan a Picnic: Picnics are relatively easy to organize and can be hosted at a local park. Elderly people will enjoy the weather and watching the children, animals and adults engage in the variety of activities always present at a park.


Summer Enjoyment


Obviously, this is just a short list of the many summer activities that seniors can participate in. No matter what your age may be, stay engaged and active to enjoy a better quality of life.