Dementia cannot be defined as a specific disease but it is a term that is generally used to describe a decline in the mental ability, serious enough to affect or interfere with daily life. Some of the most common symptoms of the condition include memory loss and a decline in thinking skills. People with dementia have a reduced ability to perform everyday functions.


Alzheimer’s accounts for the highest number of dementia cases. Another common type is vascular dementia, which usually occurs after the patient suffers from a stroke. There are signs that can indicate that someone is suffering from dementia.

1. Memory loss often disrupting daily life

Memory loss is usually the most common sign of Alzheimer’s and those suffering from the condition start to forget recently learned information. You may also notice that your loved one starts to forget important events or dates and may ask for the same information repeatedly. People with dementia find that they increasingly need to rely on others or on memory aids to keep up with important details and activities that they used to handle with ease.

2. Challenges solving problems

Another sign of the condition is people having difficulties in their ability to develop and work with simple numbers or to develop simple plans. They may find it difficult to keep up with bills and even following a recipe, that they have used for years becomes impossible. It usually takes much longer to complete the same tasks and simple activities that they did before.

3. Difficulty completing tasks

Work or leisure becomes difficult for people with symptoms of dementia as they find it difficult to complete what they begin. They may find it difficult to drive to familiar locations or to even remember rules to favorite games. This usually means that they can no longer hold down jobs and they usually give up activities they did for leisure. If you find that your loved one is no longer doing the things that he or she loved, or is unable to manage a budget, it is a sign that all is not well.

4. Losing track of days

People with Alzheimer’s often confuse times or can lose track of dates and seasons. They are usually unable to track the passage of time and they have trouble understanding things that are not happening at that very moment. They tend to live in the moment and trying to recall what they are supposed to do in the near future is almost impossible.

In some cases, they even forget where they are and may not even recall how they got there. During this stage, you need to keep a close watch on your loved one because they easily get lost and do not know how to get back home.

5. Difficulty understanding images

Understanding visual images can also become a problem and many people suffering from Alzheimer’s have vision problems. They have difficulty reading, distinguishing colors or judging distance. This can cause problems when it comes to driving, crossing busy roads and performing other daily tasks. They may also experience problems with words when it comes to writing or even speaking.

These are just some of the symptoms but there are many more signs that you should look out for!