Reaching an age above 50 is a feat that should be celebrated with lots of respect and admiration. Senior citizens were once young and vibrant, giving their best years to building a nation. Therefore, it would be prudent to show them the gratitude of raising you to mature adults by offering them something in return in their time of need.

Proper care and assistance when they need it would be a good start and below are some of the factors we consider when providing them the services:

• Medical assistance

Since they are not as agile and hot blooded as they were in their youth, their health may also be compromised. The idea of having them self medicate would be compromised also by the fact that memory with age becomes a bit impaired. We therefore take up the responsibility of ensuring that they get the best medical support they require. We make use of doctors and pharmacists who ensure constant checkups and medicine supply for our clients while under our care.

• Hygiene

Being one of the important needs of a human being, personal hygiene is a factor that should not be taken lightly. Given the frail nature of their bodies and the probability of developing health issues being high, you should ensure that they have proper assistance. We offer that and much more in that we ensure that they have a professional who will assist them in the most basic way and make them feel loved and cared for. For instance, at our facility, we have supervisors going round to check on our residents and ensure that they are comfortable and clean.

• Recreational activities

After retirement, there is nothing more seniors have except time in their hands. Therefore, to make them enjoy their latter years, we ensure that we engage them in activities that will keep them exercised as well as entertained. Hobbies come in handy at this juncture and we ensure that they are engaged and kept busy. Piano lessons, art, board games, and even fashion shows are some of the events we arrange for them to keep them entertained and have a therapeutic effect.

• Special care

Some ailments like Dementia are associated with old age and we are proud to state that we have facilities and staff to be able to handle such cases confidently. Diagnosis of the same is done at an early age where we can be able to advice on the path to take before it fully takes over. We focus on helping the affected learn afresh the skills that they might have lost and in the process gain a new perspective about their lives. Our caregivers are trained professionals.

As you know, it is not an easy task to take care of a senior citizen. It requires the right set of abilities and environment, which may not be the case for the common day working person. You will realize that you might not have the time and ability to do so. That is where we come in to offer the much-needed service!