What families say about Providence Care.

I must commend Providence for their decisive and quick action during this COVID pandemic. On March 9, they closed down the facility to visitors. This was almost one full week before the city of San Francisco’s lock down started. They had their employees change clothing and shoes upon entering the premises so as not to contaminate the place from their outside clothes. They stopped communal dining and group activities and socially distanced all their residents. They wore masks, gloves, cleaned and disinfected multiple times daily. With great effort, they arranged for the entire staff and residents to get tested and continue to monitor their staff. Throughout this trying time, they have continued to communicate with the families, often sending pictures and videos of our loved ones. Thank you Providence!

Teresa Y.

Due to my mothers deteriorating mental and physical health, it became necessary to find a care facility that can take care of her special needs(dementia, confusion). After researching many facilities I was very impressed after talking to Catherine about how they specifically care for each patient’s specific needs. Since admitting my mother, the entire staff has been very pro-active in dealing with my mothers changing needs. One of those changes are her need for dialysis three times a week and a treatment center. They were very accommodating in helping her in every way to be treated off sight, helping her and preparing her ( mentally and physically) for these appointments. Then the unthinkable happened Covid-19. Knowing of how vulnerable the elderly are, Providence Place immediately took steps to prepare for this. Testing of my mother and all of the other patients happened quickly, frequent updates from the staff about new precautionary steps to ensure the patients health. Because my mother leaves the facility three times a week, covid was a real concern. The staff has taken every measure to ensure her safety in these difficult times, and im happy to say that confident in the fact that my mother is as safe as can be here. Because of the lockdown, and my inability to visit my mom, Catherine or other staff take daily videos and provide daily updates, even providing FaceTime video with my mother whenever Iv asked.

Greg K.

This is an extraordinary facility. Like me, you may be researching places for your elderly parent, and you may be feeling torn and even traumatized because you’ve reached the place where you need to put a parent in an assisted living facility. This has been the case for me–I never thought I would be making this kind of decision. I moved my mother with great trepidation right before Covid19 struck the city. I was able to visit my mother in person long enough to watch her relax, as her physical needs were taken care of with great tenderness. I realized she had been afraid and tense from pain, uncertainty and her previous substandard care. Providence was quick to shut its doors to keep infection out of its facility–I can only imagine the stress of the caring staff who work there. And while I have not enjoyed been physically separated from my mother, I am confident that the swift action has kept her safe. I am still able to contact her–the staff encourages this. I cannot recommend his facility highly enough.

Marie M.