Believe it or not, most elder people suffer from medical problems without telling anyone. It might be that they are unaware that they are already dealing with serious problems or it might simply because they do not want to get help from anyone. If you think that your grandparents are okay, there is a big chance that you might be wrong. Listed below are common medical problems that elder people are facing:


This is probably the most common medical problems among adults and there is a big chance that your grandparents are already suffering from it. The disease involves the inflammation of joints. Those who have arthritis find it hard to move easily. They have trouble doing activities such as walking, climbing up the stairs, or even doing simple household chores. Dealing with arthritis require a healthy diet and the consumption of recommended medicines.

Alzheimer’s Disease

This is one of the most common diseases that adults face affecting more than five million people. The older a person gets, the higher his chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Memory loss is one of the top signs of this disease. If your grandparents start to forget taking their medicines or even stop remembering the names of their loved ones, then there is a big chance that they have Alzheimer’s.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is also a growing problem among the elderly. It is also one of the top causes of death. It can really be difficult to treat adults which have Type 2 diabetes. This is because they are more fragile and they already are suffering from other disabilities which are associated with old age. Do your grandparents visit the bathroom more frequently than usual? Do they have cuts that take a long time to heal? Then they probably need to be checked for Type 2 Diabetes.

Parkinson’s Disease

Another common disease that elders face is Parkinson’s Disease. One of the well-known individuals who have this disease is Michael J. Fox although he acquired it at a young age. The problem with Parkinson’s is that the signs and symptoms range from one individual to another. Thus, it is hard to diagnose. Slowed movement, rigid muscles, and an impaired balance – these are some common systems. Those who have this disease usually have a hard time speaking and writing as well.


There are also a lot of adults who find it hard to sleep. As a person grows older, his sleeping time reduces. Some doctors would recommend medications for the elderly. But that would depend on a case to case basis. There are elders who would just have to rely on therapeutic techniques and other methods to help them sleep better at night.

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