How to Pick the Best Assisted Living Facility in San FranciscoHow to pick the best assisted living facility in San Francisco can be confusing, and we’re help to help. San Francisco is an exceptional city. Most folks who are lucky enough live here want to stay. Your elderly loved ones probably feel the same way. Unfortunately, there may come a time in their life when living alone in the city is no longer feasible. If and when this happens to your aging parents, an assisted living facility may provide the ideal solution.

Please bear in mind the fact that not all elder care facilities are created equal. If you are thinking about moving mom and dad into one of the assisted living communities, there are several things to consider. Here are ten savvy tips that will help you find the right place for your folks:

1. The nose knows – If you walk in the door and are knocked sideways by the unmistakable aroma of urine, beware. If the odor is limited to one part of the facility, it may be an isolated occurrence. If the whole place reeks, it ‘s probably not the clean and comfortable living situation you want to find.

2. Observe staff – Pay close attention to the way facility workers interact with residents. Do they make eye contact and seem genuinely interested in what the elders have to say? A kind and friendly attitude does make a difference.

3. Observe residents – If the majority of residents are lined up against the wall in wheelchairs, watch out. An excellent facility will provide stimulating activities and opportunities for social interaction.

4. Ask to eat a meal in the dining room – Most reputable facilities will be happy to oblige your request. For many seniors, mealtime is a highlight of their day. Eating a meal in the dining room will allow you and your loved ones to check out the menu and visit with the residents, too.

5. Talk to the residents – As you tour the facility, engage a variety of residents in conversation. Find out what they like and maybe don’t like about the place. Any rest home can offer a brilliant sales pitch, but it’s the people who live there who can give you the most accurate review.

6. Trust your instincts – First impressions mean a lot. Watch your loved ones faces as they tour the property. Are they greeted and made to feel welcomed? If any facility gives you the creeps, it’s not the right place for your elderly parents.

7. Attend activities – Schedule your visit when there are activities going on so you can see how they are run and whether the residents enjoy this time. If it is unorganized or worse yet, a free for all, that’s a red flag. You want to find a facility that runs smoothly and comfortably.

8. Head outdoors – It’s important that the grounds are kept up and looking well manicured. Your loved one won’t always want to be indoors and having plenty of enjoyable space outside is just as important as it is inside. Ask about outdoor activities as well as many facilities provide yoga, gardening and other activities that are done outdoors.

9. Talk to more residents – A great way to see if a facility is well liked is to take the opportunity to speak with those people who live there. Most people will tell you just how they feel if given the opportunity in a safe environment.

10. Ask about security – Wherever your loved one lives, you want to be sure it’s safe so asking about security procedures is an important part of making your choice.