Great Questions to Ask Your Parents as They Age Providence CareAs our parents age, we want to get to know them a little better. After all, they have spent their lives raising us, and now that we are all grown up, there are still many insights and lessons left to share. The next time you have a quiet moment together, here are some great questions to ask your parents to strengthen your bond and learn more about them as people:


What Are Your Happiest Memories?

The perfect place to start, asking your parents about the most memorable moments of their lives will set a positive note for your conversation and give you a fascinating glimpse into their past.


Is There Anything You Wish You Could Change About Your Life?

With many years of life and work experience under their belt, your parents have a lot to teach you about living your life to the fullest. All you have to do is ask.


Do You See Yourself in Me?

While we are our own people, all of us naturally carry a piece of our parents with us. Finding it will bring you closer together while helping you discover more about yourself and where you come from.


What Is the Best Parenting Lesson You Could Give Me?

Many of us are so busy with parenting books and classes that we forget we have the best resource right at our fingertips: our parents. Asking your parents to help you decode parenting will give you a fresh perspective on both your own kids and the parents of your childhood memories.


What Do You Regret About Your Relationship with Your Parents?

Parent-child relationships are always easier to understand in hindsight. Having been through it all themselves, your parents will have a lot of important things to say about their own experiences as children.


Is There Anything You Want to Change About Our Relationship Right Now?

Because our parents never want to alienate us, they may not always speak up when they are unhappy. While you are on the topic of changing relationships, getting their honest take on your own relations will let you know if there is anything they are missing.


What Do You Hope for in the Future?

Nothing gives us a better understanding of someone else as talking about their hopes and dreams. Plus, learning more about their wishes will give you a good idea of what you can do to help your parents make their golden years the best ones yet.


Most of don’t think about asking our parents the questions we are curious about until they are no longer with us. By taking the time now, you will have the benefit of their life experience and a chance to grow even closer while you still can.