Do You Need a Break From Your Caregiving Responsibilities?Could you use some caretaker support? You do everything that you can as a caregiver by giving your full attention to the person who needs it. Whether it’s an aging parent, a handicapped family member or an ill spouse, providing full-time care for someone can seem even more difficult when you have other responsibilities to deal with in your life. No matter how badly you want to care for someone else, you may find yourself overwhelmed with everything that comes along with the task. When you need a break, respite care may offer exactly what you need.


Dealing With Caregiver Stress


Though caregiving can feel very rewarding, it comes with its difficulties. Taking care of someone full-time can put stress on the family dynamic, disrupt regular activities, add financial pressure and create more work for the caregiver each day. Over time, all of this stress piles up until the caregiver burns out and reaches a point of frustration and develops a feeling of hopelessness. Other signs and symptoms of caregiver stress include:


  • Anxiety and depression
  • Feeling tired all the time
  • Neglecting other responsibilities
  • Developing health problems
  • Overreacting to trivial things
  • Having feelings of resentment


If you learn to recognize the signs of caregiver stress, you can start to deal with the problem and get help when you need it. After all, even caregivers need someone to care for them and help ease their load. Learning to ask for help is the first step and respite care is a great option so that you can breathe easier and take the time you need to focus on other things in your life.


How to Find Respite Care


Providence Care, an assisted living and skilled nursing facility, offer respite care for those who need a temporary break from their caregiving duties. Your loved one still gets the same attention and care that he or she would receive at home while you have a chance to take a break for a bit.


Respite care offers caregiver support for short-term assistance to give you a chance to get away for the time you need, whether it’s for an afternoon or a few days. Taking a break will allow you to come back refreshed and ready to provide the care needed.

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