Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care in San Francisco

Our vision is a world without disease. As science works on a cure, we work tirelessly to provide those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia the best quality life possible.

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When my grandmother first came to Providence Place she was in very bad health, she was given such good care right away, physically she was better, but what has made all the difference is her emotional health and how good she feels about where she lives.

Barbara M., San Francisco

There are over 5 million people living with Dementia in the US. Inevitably it has touched everyone you know at some point.

As dementia progresses, it strips the person of basic daily functioning, taking their memory and physical functioning as it escalates. This can be devastating for family members as over time they no longer recognize the loved one they have known their whole lives and they can no longer recognize you.

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Providence was the first freestanding Dementia community in San Francisco and remains the leading choice for families who want the best quality care for their loved ones.

It’s hard to leave your loved one in any institution, let’s be honest. But if you have to, Providence Place on Geary is one of the best, and I’ve seen quite a few of them over the years.

Holly M., San Francisco

We understand dementia.

It has been our focus for nearly 30 years. It is not a disease that a magic pill can solve. It is a disease that requires love, patience and understanding. It is a condition that requires active daily management.

Providence cares for seniors at every stage of dementia, from the first symptoms to advanced levels in neighborhoods. Moving a person with dementia can be a traumatic experience so rest assured your loved one can age peacefully with us.

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The caregivers are knowledgeable about the behaviors associated with dementia and are not afraid of it. They treat my father with love and respect. Providence Place has helped him and my family scale back the label associated with dementia as something that transforms a loved one to an unknown.

Momo S., San Francisco

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