Response to Covid-19

Providence is known as a proactive advocate for our community. From the onset of Covid-19, we have worked with the Department of Health to keep our residents and staff healthy and safe by going above and beyond all recommended protocols.

We took immediate action to enhance our already strict post SARS staff training. We instituted strict protocols to ensure monitoring of symptoms prior to staff coming to work. We stocked up on PPE, cleaning and food supplies in case of an emergency.

We provide regular on-site Covid-19 testing to our staff and as needed for residents.


I am a retired faculty member from the University of California, San Francisco … in this pandemic, [Providence] has risen above what is good care to being an exemplar of what a memory care unit should be. First, management stopped outside visiting even before the city required it. It contracted with an excellent urgent care company to have all clients, caregivers, and other personnel tested for Covid 19. Providence Place was concerned about clients but also staff and the families of the residents. Every day families receive either pictures or videos of their loved ones doing various activities such as eating, exercising, reading, watching TV, etc. Families keep in touch with caregivers, management and their loved ones by telephone, texting and email. Doctors are able to do virtual visits with their patients. Not unimportantly, birthdays are celebrated in a big way with special foods, beautiful cakes and lovely decorations. I thank the Lord every day how lucky I am that my friend is under such dedicated and superb and loving care.

Joanne W.


Keeping Families Connected and Residents Engaged

Inside Providence, we continue to celebrate our residents and spread joy daily. We leverage our boutique size to offer personalized, professional activities tailored to the resident’s interests and capabilities. From birthdays to Mother’s Day, at Providence our residents continue to savour each day with music, art, exercise, sensory exercises and delicious home made food.

We earn family’s trust by being dedicated and standing behind our promises.Families trust us to take care of their loves ones. In these challenging times, we make sure families remain connected to their loved ones through videos, pictures and video calls.

Caregiver Training and Support

At Providence we are an extended family and we celebrate and support our staff daily to provide the best quality care for our residents and their families. Our staff is at the heart of what we do and we are so proud to have a dedicated, hard-working and fun loving team of caregivers. 

From playing piano to setting up festive decorations, they lift the physical and emotional spirit of our community daily. We have enhanced caregiver support by providing food and supplies to take home. 

We are also extremely grateful to our residents’ families who have shown so much support to our community – from making masks, helping us source supplies, bringing food and just sending beautiful thank messages to us. Thank you to our entire extended family.

If you are interested to learn how to join our community, please reach out to us and we will be glad to speak with you.


On-Site and Virtual Medical Care

We are proud to introduce on-site and virtual medical care at Providence Place. We are working with industry leading geriatric medical professionals to bring doctors directly to our residents at Providence Place.

From health assessments, medication management and urgent care requests, our new partnership will reduce the need for hospital visits.


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