Elderly loved ones enjoy independence at home, but they may not be eating a healthy diet, so why not consider the best assisted living in San Francisco to maintain a healthy diet? A healthy diet can help loved ones stay healthy.


If you could ward off dementia as well as many other health issues that we face as we age–just by eating the right foods–would you do it? Yes, a healthy diet helps ward off dementia. Healthy eating does not have to be difficult or complicated, and you don’t have to do it all overnight. Making changes slowly can help you ease into a healthy diet that can get and keep your brain healthy.


The most important thing to do is ensure that you are eating foods that maintain good blood flow to your brain. This type of diet will keep your arteries and veins free of clogs, a process that will keep your heart healthy as well. In fact, the two go hand in hand as about 75 percent of those who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease also have a cardiovascular disease.


If you are overweight, simply losing weight will do wonders for the health of your brain as will being physically active and mentally engaged through doing things like reading books, taking classes, and talking with others on a regular basis. Each of these activities help the blood flow smoothly through your veins and into your brain.


As far as diet goes, there are no secret foods that will cure all of your ills, but a general healthy diet will do wonders.


One important thing to consider is the importance of your ratio of omega 3 intake to omega 6. Over the last several decades, the average person has seen this ratio go significantly towards the omega 6 end of the scale when closer to a 2:1 ratio would be preferred. The result of this trend is that many individuals experience inflammation in their brains. Foods with high levels of omega 3 include salmon and several other types of fish, vegetables such as spinach and brussels sprouts, and some types of cereals.


Many people also do not get enough antioxidant-rich foods in their diets, and this damages your cells, a process that is believed to help cause dementia. You may be pleased to learn that chocolate is one of the best sources for antioxidants. However, make sure that you only eat very dark chocolate with little sugar, and keep your portions small. Other great sources for antioxidants include several types of berries and fruits, walnuts and other nuts, spinach and other dark green vegetables, and a variety of teas. Green tea is especially antioxidant-rich.


There is no reason to think of this as a major change in your life. Just gradually start incorporating more of these foods into your diet, and welcome the positive changes that will result. Your brain – and your heart – will thank you.