Best Assisted Living in San Francisco to Stay ActiveThe best assisted living in San Francisco to stay active can help keep up with the physical activity to boost your brain health! Brain exercises have become all the rage today, and with good reason. As cases of memory disorders increase among seniors, people have become increasingly aware that exercising the brain is important. Equally as important for brain health, however, is remaining physically fit. By staying physically active, we keep our bodies and our brains healthy and happy.


Studies in Support of Brain Health and Physical Activity

Growing evidence reveals that physical activity may help protect aging individuals against dementia and cognitive decline. A number of studies have found that individuals who exercise regularly are less likely to experience memory disorders later in life than those who do not exercise. For example, a recent study revealed that people over age 60 who got regular exercise has a reduced risk for developing dementia.


Links Between Physical Inactivity and Cognitive Decline

A number of links between physical inactivity and cognitive decline later in life have been connected. For example, inactivity greatly increases the risk of developing vascular disease and risk factors later in life and high levels of inflammatory markers in the blood can be connected to inactivity.


Benefits of Physical Activity to Brain Health

Physical activity has a wide range of benefits on the body as well as the brain. Exercise improves sleep, which improves brain health. It is common knowledge that a good night’s sleep contributes to many beneficial health factors including cognitive function. Exercise also increases your heart rate, which results in more oxygen being pumped to the brain.

Based upon evidence collected through research, it is clear that physical activity benefits brain health as well as physical health. Getting physical is as simple as walking or jogging for twenty to thirty minutes every couple of days.and makes a big difference in reducing the risk of developing dementia later in life.

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