Assisted Living in San Francisco to Maintain Quality of LifeQuality of life is a concept that gets much lip service these days. Unfortunately, while young people can find it easy to improve their circumstances, those who have reached their senior years often have neither the contacts, the ability nor the opportunity to access the things that make life more enjoyable. As a result, many seniors begin a decline, sliding down the slippery slope into depression and, too often, more serious mental illness. But assisted living communities, such as Providence Care in San Francisco, can change that and give them the quality of life they deserve.


The Goal of Therapeutic Enrichment

Our elderly citizens have earned the right to happiness. That’s the ultimate aim of ROSE: to enrich the lives of seniors by enabling reminiscence, providing orientation, offering sensory stimulation and, perhaps most important, treating them with the empathy that their life circumstances have earned them. In a world where large numbers of people are living longer lives, such provisions are essential.


What Happens When Seniors Are Ignored

While the need for elder medical assistance is a given, many caregivers fail to realize that after the age of 60, mental maladies often arise as well. As many as 20 percent of all adults over 65 will fall victim to depression, delusions or even psychosis. Some of these people may already have a predisposition. Others, however, simply succumb to lives that have grown increasingly empty.

Sadly, few professionals in the field of mental health pay much attention to the geriatric set. What is a senior to do?


The Human Brain is Never Static

It doesn’t have to be this way. The brain never loses its ability to grow and change. All it needs is the proper stimulation.

That is the purpose of ROSE: to provide seniors with the games, music, outings, parties, grooming, dances and other forms of mental activation they need to brighten their lives. Everything that ROSE offers is specifically designed to stimulate the senses, improve cognitive abilities, encourage socialization and, in the end, help seniors remain grounded in the sense of who they really are.


When Mental Decline is Not an Option

The golden years need not be empty and bleak. As one door closes in life, another will frequently open. Assisted living communities have so much to offer and when it comes to senior enrichment, ROSE holds the key that can help that portal swing wide open.

Getting up in years should never equate to sitting and waiting to die. In the language of the flowers, roses stand for love. To show your aging nearest and dearest the depth of your affection, why not hand them a ROSE?