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Located in the heart of San Francisco, we are privileged that families trust us to care for their seniors. Our assisted living community is representative of the diversity of this wonderful city and we take great pride tailoring our care programs to the uniqueness of each resident.

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Providence Place is a little piece of heaven that fell on my lap. Once it was clear that Mom could not return to her own home, I set out on a mission to find a place where Mom could live with love, respect and dignity.

Ana M., San Francisco

Providence Place is a COMMUNITY for seniors, their families, our team and others who choose to participate with us in improving the lives of seniors.

We are family owned and operated, bringing that personal touch to the care of your family member. From the caregivers to the chef to the activities director, Providence Place is an extended family with over 25 years of experience enhancing the lives of seniors and their families.

We celebrate the elderly. We nurture the skills they have today. We supplement those activities they can no longer perform.

EMPATHY + RESPECT + PROFESSIONALISM is central to Providence Place

We see the big picture. You family member will get the care they need. And you’ll be able to relax, knowing your love one is safe with us. We welcome you to join our community.

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Care-giving for the elderly requires a special kind of person.

And when the elderly person has memory loss, dementia or cognitive impairment, those requirements get even more demanding. That’s why caregivers at Providence Care are chosen for their patience, compassion, and love for what they do.

Result: a professional staff that comes to work happy, and stays on the job for many years. Which means your family member gets the best the Providence Care staff can offer: a gentle touch, exacting attention to detail, and caring that comes straight from the heart.

Our specialized training program includes hands-on instruction that requires a minimum of 40 hours working with dementia and memory impaired seniors.

Our caregiver training program encompasses communication skills, personal care and bathing, toileting, feeding, dressing, meal preparation, cleaning, ergonomics and safe transference, monitoring and documentation, and vital signs.

We educate our caregivers on medications commonly prescribed for the elderly and how to observe any changes and side effects that may be associated with these medications. Providence caregivers are taught to carefully monitor a client’s well-being and immediately report any changes in a health or behavior. That way we can keep family, physicians, and social service providers informed throughout the tenure of care.

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When my grandmother first came to Providence Place she was in very bad health, she was given such good care right away, physically she was better, but what has made all the difference is her emotional health and how good she feels about where she lives.

Barbara M., San Francisco

A Foundation of Trust

When you trust Providence Place to provide memory care for your parent or spouse, and can return to your family, your job and career with peace of mind, we’ll know we’ve succeeded.

At Providence we see the big picture.

We see elders who grieve for the loss of function, memory, skills, and ability to thrive in the world. And we see families in crisis, who despair at the toll dementia takes on their loved one, and are confused about where to get the help they need.

That’s why we work hard to earn the trust of everyone involved. Families, their loved ones, medical professionals and caregivers alike are treated with respect, compassion and dignity. We are committed to helping seniors with memory impairment maintain maximum levels of independence, awareness, and comfort. For families coping with the dementia of a loved one, we provide a place to turn for professional assessment, advice, and care.

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Meet Galina Knop

Executive Director, Owner and Founder.

Galina welcomes you to the extended Providence family with a soothing smile that lets you know that you and your family have found the caregiver you are searching for.

She knows first hand what it means to be a family caregiver and has devoted herself to providing the type of care she wished her own family had received when faced with dementia.

Nearly 30 years ago Galina began Providence with a singular goal in mind: Provide quality care for elders with dementia based on their individual needs. That means learning what works for them, making sure their needs are met, and adjusting accordingly. It also meant caring for families, ensuring they could sleep at night, knowing the absolute best is done for their loved ones.

As soon as I walked through the door of Providence I knew that I had found someplace completely unlike every one of the large facilities I had seen…. After nearly a year, I can say that my initial impression was well founded.

Gary L., San Francisco

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